Robotech first gen for EDGE: FAQ

  1. What is all this about?

  2. What is Robotech?

  3. What is a Total Conversion?

  4. What is Doom?

  5. What is EDGE?

  6. What will Robotech First Gen feature?

  7. What do I need to play?

  8. Who's in charge of all this mess?

  9. Why does it take so long to finish?



1. What is this site about/what's the purpose of all this?

This site is the online source of info and updates on the Robotech First Gen Total Conversion for EDGE.  This is a video game project inspired by the cartoon Robotech, or Macross in Japan.  Eventually, fans will be able to download my T.C. and play it at home.


2.  What is Robotech?

    Robotech was a cartoon show released in the united states in 1985.  It was started as a translation of a Japanese show called Macross, (Super Dimension Fortress Macross).  When the producers found that the existing Macross footage wouldn't fill an entire season, they opted to take two more unrelated titles, (Super Dimension Southern Cross, and M.O.S.P.E.A.D.A.), and tack them on to Robotechunder the one title.  Then, they proceeded to re-write each show into one continuous story.  This worked well for the audience who hadn't seen the original shows because each was made by the same company, and there was little change in the animation style or quality in the finished product.

Check out for more info.


3.  What is a Total Conversion?

   A Total Conversion is a term used in the Gaming MOD, (Modification), Community.  A MOD is a game that has been released, and a fan/fans have modified it in some way.  For example, a MOD may be simply to change the graphics of the chaingun in Quake3 to something you prefer, maybe something more realistic looking than some "spacy" weapon.  So, a MOD is the same game with some modified features.

     The term "Total Conversion" refers to a game project where the end result is that you are no longer playing the same game entirely.  A T.C. changes virtually every aspect of the game (e.g. graphics, sounds, levels etc.) so a completely new environment is created. Just about the only thing that stays the same is the actual program executable (e.g. blah.exe).  An excellent example of a T.C. is ALIENS DOOM. 


4. What is Doom?

   Doom is an FPS, (first-person-shooter, like Quake3, etc.), that was first released in late 1993.  This game was one of the first FPS's made, and, following WOLFENSTEIN3D,  was a real ground-breaker.  In the game, you fight all kinds of scary beasts.  The story of the game was that you were a Space Marine, and the gates of Hell had broken loose and, guess what?  YOU'RE the only one left!  Pretty spooky, huh?  You can download the shareware versions of the Doom games @


5.  What is EDGE?

EDGE (Enhanced Doom Gaming Engine) is what is known as a "Source Port."  It is a reworked version of the Doom/Doom2.exe that adds MANY new features to the Doom game, such as enhanced graphics, jumping, etc.  EDGE's homepage is here:   This port is easy to use and very orientated to T.C. developers, which is why I decided to use it. It can also be used independantly of the Doom game, which means that hopefully you will be able to download EVERYTHING you need to play the FirstGen TC from this page, without needing to own Doom!


6.  What will Robotech First Gen feature?

    Vastly improved screen resolution, mood music, complex scripting (which allows for a lot of surprises!), jumping, new enemies and lots of other goodies which, when combined, offer a completely emersive Robotech game which we have been waiting for YEARS on ( and all of the sudden you get two at the same time! Check out Kaiowas' Robodoom to see the other great T.C. being developed)


7. What do I need to play Robotech First Gen?  


  • You need EDGE 1.27
  • You need The First Gen wad file
  • Hopefully You won't need the doom2.wad file


8.   Who's in charge of all this mess?

    Lobo.  I have been working on this project in my spare time for quite a while, but it really started to take off in 2001.  I have been a fan of Robotech since I first saw the show (many years ago!)


9.  Why does it take so long to finish?

    I have a full-time career, a girlfriend, and a social life (not sure about that last one :-)  )  I'm doing this in my spare time.  I can do it two ways:

1) fast and crap


2) slow and good!

And I'm gonna go with option 2)   ;-)